4 Reasons to Always Try ‘Street Photography’

Photo hunting on the streets is not just about human interest, poverty or pedestrian traffic. Much more interesting is street photography which is able to record the changing times and dynamics of the ever-changing public space.

Here are some reasons to always try street photography, which is summarized from various sources.

First, it can be done anywhere with any camera. Yes, street photography – when in the city itself or traveling outside the city – can be done casually and does not need a heavy concept.

Can be on the way to work or on vacation. Can be spontaneous or structured – with prior research.

In addition, the tools used do not need expensive and fancy cameras. It’s enough even if it’s only a smartphone camera. Most importantly, maximize every feature available to get maximum results.

Then snap anything that is interesting and worth capturing. After all, there’s no point in having an expensive camera but just being displayed in a dry box, right?

Second, free, minimal property, as is. By comparing indoor and conceptual photos, street photography is really cheap. Enough capital knee and camera, of course. No need to mess around with complete lighting equipment or complicated photographic trinkets.

But with good mature execution, although minimal budget, is able to produce unpredictable photos. Especially if you have ‘memorized the field’ and know the photogenic points of a street, street photography becomes a very fun activity.

Third, street photography offers something dynamic, not monotonous and there is always something new. Therefore, urban dynamics continue to develop. Presenting things that are not normal, trends and fashions that are always changing, touching human interest, to moments and habits that are full of surprises.

In one particular spot or area, photographers can explore anything. Such as architecture, street fashion, murals, city sculptures, to unexpected events.

Rest assured, there is always the charm of photography in places that are well known or in new and unique places. From the city landscape that offers great ideas to small things that are barely touched but can inspire anyone. From portraits of poverty or prosperity to wildflowers that grow on the sidewalk.

Fourth, train environmental sensitivity, social empathy and understand community activities. Street photography invites the eyes of photographers to see carefully what is happening on the streets.

From the poorest to the well-established, from infants to the elderly, are seen on the streets as part of their daily activities. Everything just happens, natural and without engineering.

Then, street photography will knock the photographer to record it honestly and as is. By involving feelings and emotions. Up to a point, street photography is not just a technical issue (ISO-Diaphragm-Speed) but rather something bigger with a creative, light but full of weight and style.


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