This Is How To Restore A Hacked Instagram Account

How To Restore A Hacked Instagram Account?

Instagram once announced a number of feature updates to secure hacked accounts. A trial was carried out by Instagram to make it easier for users to take over their hacked accounts.

Users can access this feature if:

  1. Instagram detects that users have difficulty logging into Instagram accounts. For example, users repeatedly enter an incorrect password.
  2. The user taps on ‘Login problems?’ on the ‘Forgot password?’ page.

If these two conditions are met, Instagram will ask the user to enter some personal information, such as an email address and phone number associated with their Instagram account, or the email address or phone number they used when registering Instagram.

After that, Instagram will send a 6-digit code to the contact information the user chooses, allowing them to take back access to their account.

Here’s How to Restore a Hacked Instagram Account

When they have successfully accessed their account, Instagram will take some additional effort to ensure that hackers cannot use the code sent to the user’s email address or phone number to access the account from a different device.

Through testing this feature, users can restore their account even though their account information, such as account name or contact information associated with the user’s account, has been changed by the hacker.

So far, not all users can use this feature because it is still in the testing phase. Instagram promises to improve this feature so that in the next few months more users can recover their accounts directly from the application.

Most important of these features, Instagram gives users certainty that their account names will not be taken over by others after being changed for a while. In some cases hacking business accounts or public figures, this feature can prevent the appearance of an authentic account on Instagram.

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