Tips for Sharing Photos Using Google Photos

After a long vacation, there must have been lots of pictures taken with family and friends to share. So as not to bother, we can use Google Photos with Suggested Sharing and Shared Libraries features.

This feature can now be used by Google Photos users. Suggested Sharing uses machine learning technology that automatically identifies photos and suggests the intended recipient.

This will make it easier for us to share photos with just one tap. It will also make it easier for us to send and receive photos with each other using Shared Libraries, and to organize and share which photos you want to share automatically.

Here are some tips for using it, directly from the Google Photos team.

Suggested Sharing

Sharing Tab is a place to view Google Photos sharing activities, including photos and videos sent to you and those that have been sent to others. At the top, you can see sharing suggestions made based on your photo-sharing habits.

Google Photos can recognize important moments like school holidays or weddings, Google Photos can also choose the right photos, and suggest who might want to see your photos.

Before sending it, you can also change the recipient as suggested. With Google Photos, you don’t need to worry about sharing with anyone even if they don’t use Google Photos, because you can use their email address or phone number.

If you are with your friends and family using Google Photos, they will get a reminder to add their photos to the related album. Then you will be warned when new photos are added and can see all the photos in one place.

Shared Libraries

To share all your photos with someone special, you can use Shared Libraries. For example, Daniel wants to share a library with his wife, Leslie.

Starting with the menu at the top left, he selects ‘Share your library’ and enters Leslie’s email address. With that, Daniel can share his entire photo library, or photos of certain people, such as photos of Leslie, or photos of their daughters. He can also give Leslie access to photos on certain days, like the day they first met.

After Leslie accepts the invitation, she can see the photo Daniel has shared. When Daniel takes more photos with Leslie, Google Photos will let Leslie know when there are new photos and share them automatically.

Leslie can choose to save all of Daniel’s photos or just their daughter’s photos automatically. This photo will be saved and appears in movies, collages and other creations made by Google Photos for Leslie.

Suggested Sharing and Shared Libraries – can be enjoyed on Android, iOS and the web – can be used as a new space for sharing photos with people you care about quickly and easily, so you can spend more time enjoying it.


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